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Each of envelope includes:
(1) 1/7 fl oz (4 ml) OLAPLEX N°1 BOND MULTIPLIER
(1) 1/2 fl oz (15 ml) OLAPLEX N°2 BOND PERFECTOR

No.1 BOND MULTIPLIER 4ml is Concentrated first salon step to prevent the broken bonds forming during the chemical tinting, and relaxing and straightening. It is normally added to the hair coloring services to prevent the damage and keep the hair in the best condition possible.

No.2 BOND PERFECTOR 15ml Concentrated is second salon step to rebuild and also restore any remaining broken bonds ensuring the strongest, and shiniest, and healthiest hair possible. It is normally used during post-coloring services and can also be used as an independent treatment to target the pre-existing damage.


Directions of use No.1 BOND MULTIPLIER

1) Mix up to 2 oz of color or lightener according to manufacturer’s instructions before adding and mixing No.1 Bond Multiplier

2) Specific mixing No.1 Bond Multiplier as instructions below

a) For lightener in the foils application, add 1 full packet

b) For color or balayage and on-scalp lightener application, add half packet

3) Apply and let the process per manufacturer’s instructions.

4) Shampoo after the chemical service is completed No.2 BOND PERFECTOR

Directions of  use No.2 BOND PERFECTOR

1) After shampooing out lightener or color from hair, towel-dry

2) Apply 1 packet of the No.2 Bond Perfector from roots to ends

3) Comb through and leave onto for 5-10 minutes

4) Rinse from hair, shampoo and then condition

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