Directions Semi-permanent hair colour ( Plum )

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Recommended as the part of a balanced collection… giving hair a delicious red-purple look, Plum is cool and warm colour, with its mix of the blues and reds.

For the most vivid results, we will recommend applying to bleached hair with no brassy tones.

Soft, silky hair will never goes out of style. That’s why all our colours had contain a conditioning formula that will nourishes hair from first application

  • Each tub willl contains 88ml semi-permanent hair colour

  • 49mm tub opening for the tint brush

  • 100% vegan friendly and the cruelty-free

  • All Directions colours are inter-mixable which create a new shade

Product warnings

  • Do NOT dye the eyelashes or eyebrows.
  • If product comes in the contact with the eyes, rinse immediately with the clean water.
  • Colours can sometimes contains stain certain surfaces & materials – use with care.
  • Directions doesn’t have  specific longevity on the hair.
  • Do not mix Directions with the Peroxide.
  • To achieve the lighter shades than your current color we recommend to seek professional advice.
  • Shades may vary at the manufacturer’s discretion.


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